A spell that creates a path between two beings was used by Jonathan Strange in Venice. He created a path between himself and the gentleman with the thistle-down hair, and in this way found the location of Lost-hope. The path was invisible to Strange until he altered his perception by sipping a little of the tincture of madness, and then it appeared as a glittering path of light; though even then it could not be seen directly, but merely glimpsed from the corner of the eye[54].

One is inclined to wonder whether Strange used such a spell, or a variation on it, when discovering the egregious Drawlight about his wicked business in Hampstead; and later also perhaps, while planning his wife's escape from Faerie. After the death of the gentleman with the thistle-down hair, Mrs Strange is in mortal danger of losing herself in the labyrinth as she attempts to flee Lost-hope, yet somehow she arrives at the sole portal which will bring her safely into the sanctuary of the breathing world.